Year End Annual Progress Reports (Concerning wording from SECPSD)

Dear SHBE Members, We’d like to respond to information provided by Southeast Cornerstone that seems to imply that home based educators needs to track and report on all worksheets, activities, projects, and assignments completed, as well as provide samples of those worksheets, activities, projects, and assignments. The Saskatchewan Home Based Education Policy manual does not require the periodic log to … Read More

OCHEC “Exceptional Grace” Moving the Mountains of Every Learner virtual conference

Our friends in Ontario (OCHEC – Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection) have organized an intensive needs online conference for this spring. SHBE members can register for $15. Non-members may also register, for $30. Please send an email to registrar with subject “OCHEC Discount Code”. OCHEC is sponsoring Exceptional Grace: Moving the Mountains of Every Learner Virtual conference April 26 – … Read More

Visit 2021 Virtual CWSF STEM Expo / Expo STIM virtuelle ESPC 2021

Youth Science Canada is excited to host the 2021 Virtual Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) and STEM Expo. Home school educators are invited to take their students on a FREE virtual field trip during the national event! PLEASE SHARE THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY WITH YOUR MEMBERS! Scheduled May 19 to 21, this year’s virtual CWSF STEM Expo will be more accessible than … Read More

What [re-]started the homeschool movement – interview with Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Raymond Moore

In addition to the brief reference below, Fred and Gwen shared their recollection of homeschooling in Saskatchewan in the very early years of the “new” homeschool movement. Fred and Gwen shared with SHBE at the convention in 2016: Ever wonder what started (actually re-started, because homeschooling has been the norm for all but about the last hundred years of … Read More

Advanced Placement exams – shared experience

Thanks to SHBE Member and my friend Kris Nelson for allowing SHBE to use this article. You can follow Kris on Facebook at Just a Pen and Paper:     – I wanted to share our experience and some info we have learned about AP exams (Advanced Placement). Homeschoolers are eligible to write AP exams arranged by their local … Read More

Homeschooling high school – shared experience

Thanks to SHBE Member and my friend Kris Nelson for allowing SHBE to use this article. You can follow Kris on Facebook at Just a Pen and Paper:     – I wanted to encourage those considering homeschooling high school! Many here in Saskatchewan do, and it’s not as overwhelming as some may think! I never imagined I would … Read More

SHBE Membership, information and opportunities

You can partner with SHBE by filling out a membership form:   SHBE is a collection of hundreds of homeschool families in the province governed by a volunteer board of elected homeschool members.SHBE is the official voice for home based educators in Saskatchewan.  SHBE assists in creating a positive network and a positive political environment for those who choose home based education. SHBE provides supportive, … Read More

Thoughts on CBC article

Some thoughts after reading this… 1) Great job by my friends Twyla McDougall and Monique Wilms. They represented homeschooling well as usual. 2) The CBC seemed to attempt to be fair, and I think this is written from a perspective of the general public, who are generally surprised that no “expert” is overseeing or assisting parents to educate their children.  3) … Read More

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