We REALLY want to ask, “Can I possibly NOT do this?“. See the evidence: Homeschooling Works!

Hear Homeschooling Moms Share Their Experiences

This was a talk given at a SHBE conference led by Lynette Sawatsky featuring five home educating moms giving us a glimpse of their experiences.

Click the play button in the segments below for HTML5 audio recordings titled “Can I Really Do This?”. You may have to wait a few seconds before the controls become visible.HTML5 is a newer format and should work on most newer web browsers. Older browsers may not be able to play this format.

Introduction by Lynette
Jo-Anne L.
Gay B.
Louise L.
Laureen L.
Conclusion by Lynette

Here is an award winning video, presented at the 2016 convention, showing the success of 12 different home educated graduates, all from Saskatchewan: Won best documentary in 2016 at the Alberta Conservatory for Christian Film Makers Festival.

Here is a presentation from 2020 that outlines Home Based Education in Saskatchewan.