A Note about Full-Time, School-Directed Programs

SHBE advocates for and supports parents who choose parent-directed, home-based education.

Vendors operating full-time, school-directed programs, whether provincially-aligned or independent, may attend the convention as vendors only by invitation of the SHBE Board of Directors. SHBE values parental-choice in education and is committed to expanding parental choice in education, including the expansion of options available to parents beyond the traditional public/separate/independent school options.

School Divisions, education leaders, executives, administrators, and primary or secondary educators wishing to learn more about parent-directed home-based education and potential ways in which their existing programs may benefit home-based educators are welcome to contact the SHBE Board of Directors to set up a meeting.


You are able to pay with Credit Card or PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to complete payment, but we use PayPal as the payment processor. If you need to pay by another method, please contact the SHBE Vendor Coordinator.

SHBE Mission and Goals

The purpose of SHBE is to provide information and assistance to any and all Saskatchewan home based educators, to represent and advocate for all SHBE members, to promote home based education in Saskatchewan, to foster a positive social community for home based educators in Saskatchewan, and to establish a positive political and social environment.

SHBE supports the rights of all children and parents to determine the education provided , including parents’ rights to determine the methodology, content, delivery, and assessment, with the lowest possible government regulation, policy restriction, monitoring, reporting, and unsolicited involvement.


We are pleased to be able to offer you the following advertising/promotion options. Prices for each option are listed on https://shbe.ca/vendor-advertising-rates. SHBE reserves the right to refuse advertising that it deems, in the sole discretion of the SHBE board of directors, to be contrary to the interests of SHBE as an organization, or that promotes issues, causes, or materials.

Advertise on the SHBE webpage and social media

SHBE.CA is our official website, and contains a lot of information specific to home based education in general, as well as specifics with respect to registration with the province. SHBE also provides resources and contact information for local support groups. Vendors wishing to advertise on the SHBE Webpage will provide a logo in PNG or JPG format, as well as up to 300 words of description. Advertising will be for 1 year and will expire on August 15. Advertising should be sent via email to journal@shbe.ca.

Advertise in the SHBE Journal

The SHBE Journal is SHBE’s official publication. Please submit your ad copy as a PNG or JPEG file. Send by email to journal@shbe.ca.

Advertise in the SHBE Convention Program

Each registered family will receive a convention program and you can submit print advertising to include in the program. Please submit your ad copy as a PNG or JPEG file. Send by email to journal@shbe.ca by January 10.

Promotional material in SHBE Convention Registration Package

Promotional material such as catalogues, pens, rulers, magnets, etc. can be distributed to convention delegates in their registration packages (approx. 300 packages). The cost options for this will be included on the Exhibitor Registration form or can be obtained upon request to vendors@shbe.ca. Shipping costs are over and above and are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Leftover materials will become the property of SHBE.

Door Prizes:

We invite you to contribute door prizes to the convention that will be awarded on site during the weekend. Please list your specific door prize on the registration form. A list of door prize donors will be printed in the convention program if we are notified by January 10. Please bring the item(s) to the convention.

Refunds Policy

No refunds for advertising will be made after related deadline date. If Ad copy or material is not received by the related deadline, payment will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.

Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines

  1. All advertising must be supportive of the SHBE mission and goals.
  2. No advertising should undermine confidence or exploit insecurities of parents or students in their ability to teach or learn in the home.
  3. No Advertising should promote increased government supervision or monitoring of home based education in Saskatchewan or any other jurisdiction.
  4. Advertising that links to material that is contrary to any of the above guidelines should be avoided, and may result in the advertisement being removed.
  5. Where space is limited or prioritization is required, the following groups of Preferences and Considerations will be used:
    • Within each group, Preference and Consideration will be given to vendors and organizations based in Saskatchewan
    • Within each group, Preference and Consideration will be given to vendors and organizations who have advertised and/or attended conventions the previous year.
    • Preference and Consideration may be given to vendors with referrals from Saskatchewan homeschool support groups or other provincial home-based education organizations.