Invitation to the Green Energy Initiative Science Fair for students 11-14 y/o

Brigitte, at the University of Saskatchewan has passed this along to SHBE to share the homeschool community:

I would like to share that the Let’s Talk Science Outreach Office at the University of Saskatchewan is hosting a Green Energy Initiative Science Fair to promote awareness on Canada’s transition towards cleaner energy to the youth. The science fair will take place on November 25, either in-person in the University of Saskatchewan campus or virtually, depending on the COVID-19 situation at that time, and registration is currently open until September 28.

We would like to invite youths who are 11-14 years old and doing home school to participate if they are interested. They would be mentored (mostly virtually) by University of Saskatchewan students to complete their projects for the science fair. Registration is free of cost, and winners get a $100 gift card. More information can be found in this webpage.

Please let me know if this information can be circulated by SHBE, or if you have any questions that I can clarify.

About "Let’s Talk Science"
Let’s Talk Science – a leading partner in Canadian education – is a national charitable organization committed to inspiring and empowering Canadian youth to develop the skills they need to participate and thrive in an ever-changing world. To accomplish this, Let’s Talk Science offers a comprehensive suite of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based programs to support youth, educators, and volunteers across Canada. Let’s Talk Science’s national office is located in London, Ontario. For more information about Let’s Talk Science, visit

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