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Benefits of SHBE membership:

Information: This includes brochures in libraries, information packets, production of booklets.

Newsletter: We prepare a quarterly newsletter with a wide range of topics on homeschooling. We try to have Saskatchewan content.

Convention: We plan an annual convention with workshops, speakers, and both new and used curriculum from suppliers coming from across Canada and the US. Lately weve also been hosting a Special Needs Conference in the fall.

Networking: We put you in touch with others who teach their children at home.

Advocacy: We provide assistance in working with local school boards and at the provincial level. We maintain a seat on the Provincial Review Board Committee by assignment from the Minister of Education.

Local Support Groups: We encourage the formation of local groups and provide help in getting started.

Regional Information: The province is divided into seven zones to facilitate communication.

Meetings and Seminars: Throughout the year, we offer a variety of informational meetings. Once a year at the SHBE convention we do a “Can I Do This?” Seminar. We also host a Special Needs conference in the fall.

Website: We offer a maintained site for use with the internet. We offer a maintained helpdesk to answer questions.


SHBE is a collection of hundreds of homeschool families in the province governed by a volunteer board of elected homeschool members.
SHBE is the official voice for home based educators in SK.  
SHBE assists in creating a positive network and a positive political environment for those who choose home based education. 
SHBE provides supportive, social, and instructional resources to our membership.

As a grassroots organization, our strength is in the involvement of our membership. Your membership makes it easier for others to home educate by identifying with SHBE as it negotiates with school boards and the Department of Learning.  Numbers DO count!

The Rights of Home-Based Educators In Saskatchewan

As a home-based educator, you have the following rights:
The Right to educate your child according to your conscientious beliefs;
The Right to privacy including freedom from home visits;
The Right to protection from intrusions by officials;
The Right to choose or make any curriculum for your children;
The Right to choose the approach, method and philosophy you want for your family.
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states:

  • 2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
    (a)Freedom of conscience and religion;
  • “Freedom embraces
    both the absence of coercion and constraint,
    and the right to manifest beliefs and practices.”
    (Home-Based Education Parent’s Handbook)