Home Based Education in Saskatchewan

Choices for Education Advantages of Homeschooling Helps each child achieve his or her full educational potential Flexibility to go at the child’s pace to achieve mastery of concepts Time to explore new interests and develop unique talents Positive socialization by mature adult example while limiting children’s exposure to destructive influences Building strong family relationships through learning together High school students … Read More

About Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators

Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators, Inc (SHBE) is a voluntary membership organization that represents the homeschool community of Saskatchewan. The homeschool community is a diverse set of families united in supporting each other with encouragement, resources, education, and support groups. Regardless of a family’s philosophical or religious convictions regarding home-based education, SHBE supports each family’s right to homeschool – … Read More


Charity Mile – Journal Editor Past Journals December 2018 October 2018 December 2017 May 2017 Journal Issue DatesJanuary 15 – submissions due December 15May 15 – submissions due April 24September 15 – submissions due August 25 Ad Prices⅛ page – $25¼ page – $45½ page – $70full page – $125 Please make cheques payable to SHBE and forward to our address on our Contact Information page:


Latest Convention News What’s Happening During the Convention? SESSIONS TOPICS INCLUDE: Parenting on purpose to reach the hearts of your kids Moms and dads panel Toddler to teen years Homeschooling high school New to homeschooling Engaging in the learning journey Other sessions related to homeschooling. *If you have any questions in regards to registration please email: registrar@shbe.ca Thank-you to our … Read More

Can I really do this?

We REALLY want to ask, “Can I possibly NOT do this?“. See the evidence: Homeschooling Works! Hear Homeschooling Moms Share Their Experiences This was a talk given at a SHBE conference led by Lynette Sawatsky featuring five home educating moms giving us a glimpse of their experiences. Click the play button in the segments below for HTML5 audio recordings titled … Read More

Government Resources

Various documents (Acts, regulations and policies) relating to Home Based Education can be found at the government’s Homeschooling web site. More docuomentation can be found at the Independant Schools and Home Education web site. Notification of a Home-Based Education Program form from the Saskatchewan Government. You may also use a notification form developed by HSLDA and SHBE. We also have template forms for your annual … Read More


SHBE is committed to helping Saskatchewan home-based educators network with each other for mutual support. Participation in a local support group can be one of the most effective means of achieving this goal. Saskatchewan Support Groups can assist us by forwarding a description of your group and contact information that you wish included in this list. For suggestions, updates, corrections or to … Read More


If you’re getting started with homeschooling, or someone you know has started homeschooling, you probably have a lot of questions. We’ve designed this page to answer some of the most frequently asked questions people ask about homeschooling. We hope you find it helpful. If you still have questions, feel free to email your homeschooling questions to help@shbe.info. SHBE held a … Read More


This page contains items of historical relevance in regards to SHBE. Our History SHBE formed in 1983 and existed for many years primarily as a newsletter circulated among families. With continued growth, a need for a province-wide affiliation that would span methods and philosophical approaches was identified. In 1987, SHBE became the voice of home-based educators in the province. SHBE … Read More


Contact SHBE in Your Area Feel free to contact the SHBE Board member in your area. Each zone director covers multiple school divisions. Use the below list or map of SHBE zones to find your School Division. If you have general questions or are unsure who to contact, please email help@shbe.ca Mailing Address Saskatchewan Home Based Educatorsc/o Evan Poppleton509 Circlebrooke … Read More

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