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SHBE is a collection of hundreds of homeschool families in the province governed by a volunteer board of elected homeschool members.
SHBE is the official voice for home based educators in Saskatchewan.  
SHBE assists in creating a positive network and a positive political environment for those who choose home based education. 
SHBE provides supportive, social, and instructional resources to our membership.


The SHBE Board, Committees and Volunteers expend a lot of time, effort and passion each year, working not only to make your home based education journey academically rewarding, but hopefully to enhance your journey and make it more joyful. SHBE Members work hard to support the homeschool community by volunteering at conventions, answering questions on social media or local support groups, providing informal support to prospective homeschool parents or curious members of the public.


The SHBE Board and volunteers are responsible to:

  • Meet monthly to share information across zones (school divisions), monitor developments in other provinces and countries, discuss recent studies or research;
  • Regularly works with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association Canada) on individual issues as well as working with HSLDA on a monthly basis, to ensure the minimum legal requirements are understood;
  • Intercede with School Divisions on behalf of home based educators on a variety of issues as they arise;
  • Meet weekly or monthly with the Ministry of Education to be able to understand how they are communicating with school divisions so that SHBE can effectively communicate to all home based educators (for example, regarding the balance between broad annual goals that are “broad” but also “sufficient” and “specific”);
  • Maintain Written Education Plan and Annual Progress Report templates;
  • Maintain sporadic contact with local support groups (We know we can do better in this regard – can you help us? Send a link or description of your local support group to; and
  • Oversee the corporate processes, reporting and infrastructure required to administer SHBE as a Saskatchewan non-profit corporation.


The Convention Committee works year-round to:

  • Book the venue for the convention;
  • Maintain communication with potential speakers;
  • Provide information and invitations to vendors; and
  • Organize and plan all the details required to put on a world-class home based education convention each year.


The Communications Committee also works year-round to:

  • Develop and maintain how-to guides, brochures and information packets to share with the public and Saskatchewan Members of the Legislative Assembly;
  • Regularly dig up stories and articles to publish on and in the SHBE Journal;
  • Organize or facilitate occasional meetings or seminars; and
  • Create or distribute social and web-based content for or the SHBE Facebook page (SHBESASK).


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