Time to wrap it up – Annual Progress Reporting

Well, it’s a sure sign that spring has hit Saskatchewan – It’s Annual Progress Report time for homeschoolers!! I know there are lots of veteran homeschoolers who have done this many times already, but for some of you this will be your first time reporting.

SHBE will host a seminar at 3:00 pm on April 27th to focus on the Annual Progress Report that is due “toward the end of the school year or by June 15”. This online seminar will be for SHBE members only and advance registration is required.

Once your registration is received and your membership is validated, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

In the meantime, here are just a few things to remember when you are working on your reports.

According to the Home Based Education Policy Manual, all home educators must keep a portfolio of work for each student, and hold onto this record for two years. The portfolio of work consists of:

  • a periodic log; and,
  • one of the following for each of the broad annual goals:
    • a detailed summative record;
    • sufficient samples of work; or,
    • a summative record and samples of work.

Beyond this, you are required to submit to your school division an annual progress report.

Home-based educators shall choose one of the following options for the format of each annual progress report:

  • the portfolio of work and with sufficient detail for the registering authority to assess the educational progress of the home-based learner;
  • test results of the home-based learner who has taken a nationally normed standardized achievement test; or,
  • test results of the home-based learner who has taken a nationally normed standardized achievement test administered by the home-based educator, or another person at the expense of the home-based educator. (see the policy manual for more information about this choice.)

SHBE and the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defence Association) have collaborated on templates that you can fill out to make this process simple for you. The forms choose the reporting option of providing a periodic log and a summative record. This option was selected because it provides the information required by the regulations and works for all learning styles and all types of materials used. Please note that these forms are completely optional. If you like to report another way, go for it!

Feel free to contact the SHBE Board member in your area – each zone director covers multiple school divisions, as can be seen on our map of SHBE zones and Saskatchewan School Divisions. If you have general questions or are unsure who to contact, please email help@shbe.info

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