Advertise in the SHBE Journal

The SHBE Journal is SHBE’s official publication and sent electronically to all current members at various times throughout the year.

Advertise in the  SHBE Convention Program

Each registered family will receive a printed convention program with access to an electronic version. Vendors may submit print advertising to include in the program.

Advertise on the SHBE webpage and social media

SHBE.CA is our official website and contains a lot of information specific to home based education in general and specific to Saskatchewan. Vendors wishing to advertise on the SHBE Webpage or Social Media will provide their choice of advertising size from the sizes listed above. Advertising will be for 1 year and/or expire on August 15.

Sizes and Rates

Advertising should be sent to as PNG or JPEG file.

Advertising for print-copy should be sufficiently high resolution to not blur when printed (many online sources recommend 300 dpi). Final size may vary, but the aspect ratio will not be altered. Online file sizes / resolution may be altered for display on various devices (Desktop/Mobile), or to improve page loading times.

The sizes below are guidelines.

(width x height)
Online SHBE.CA and/or Social MediaAny of the below
(SHBE will adjust resolution as
appropriate for website performance
Full Page7.5″ x 10″$125
Half-Page – Vertical3.5″ x 10″$75
Half-Page – Horizontal7.5 ” x 4.76″$75
Quarter-Page – Vertical2.125″ x 7.5″$45
Quarter-Page – Horizontal3.5″ x 4.75″$45
Quarter-Page – Rectangle7.5″ x 2.125″$45
Business Card – Vertical2.125″ x 3.5″$25
Business Card – Horizontal3.5″ x 2.125″$25
Advertising Size Guideline – placement and final printed size may vary.

Promotional material in SHBE Convention Registration Package

Promotional material such as catalogues, pens, rulers, magnets, etc. can be distributed to convention delegates in their registration packages (approx. 300 packages).   The cost options for this will be included on the Exhibitor Registration form or can be obtained upon request to  Shipping costs are over and above and are the responsibility of the exhibitor.  Leftover materials will become the property of SHBE.

Door Prizes:

We invite you to contribute door prizes to the convention that will be awarded on site during the weekend. Please list your specific door prize on the registration form. A list of door prize donors will be printed in the convention program if we are notified by January 10. Please bring the item(s) to the convention.

Refunds Policy

No refunds for advertising will be made after related deadline date. If Ad copy or material is not received by the related deadline, payment will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.

Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines

  1. All advertising must be supportive of the SHBE mission and goals.
  2. No advertising should undermine confidence or exploit insecurities of parents or students in their ability to teach or learn in the home.
  3. No Advertising should promote increased government supervision or monitoring of home based education in Saskatchewan or any other jurisdiction.
  4. Advertising that links to material that is contrary to any of the above guidelines should be avoided, and may result in the advertisement being removed.
  5. Where space is limited or prioritization is required, the following factors will be considered:
    • Curriculum and Learning Resources & Services
    • Vocational Training and Post-Secondary Institutions
    • Homeschool Clubs and Associations run by and for Homeschoolers
    • Employment Services or Employment Opportunities (Camps, Summer Jobs, etc)
    • Community Clubs, Services Groups, Volunteer Opportunities, Special Interest Groups
    • Preference will be given to Saskatchewan-based organizations.
    • Preference will be given to organizations who have previously attended or advertised.
    • Preference may be given to vendors who provide referrals from Saskatchewan homeschool groups or other provincial support organizations.

Considerations for Convention Attendance

There are some additional considerations concerning convention vendors and sponsors. Our primary concern must be for homeschool parents and students. One of the benefits of attending conventions is sharing challenges and being able to seek support in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Any group or individual perceived to be in a position of authority or perceived to have power to deny, restrict, monitor, report, or negatively affect an attendee’s right to continue to deliver a home based education program may inhibit attendees from speaking freely, whether such an outcome is intended or not.

In the past, some vendors have encouraged feelings of insecurity to make parents feel unqualified to teach, or have provided false information about post-secondary options, and then promoted enrollment in school, school-at-home, and similar services. To care for the needs of homeschool parents and students, organizations that have or may appear to have interests that are contrary to, or in competition with, the interests of home-based educators and learners may only attend convention by explicit written invitation from the SHBE Board of Directors.