What does SHBE do for me?

What Does SHBE Do for Me?

The mandate of SHBE is to, “assist in creating a positive social network and a positive political environment for all those who choose home-based education in Saskatchewan. We also provide supportive, social and instructional resources for our members.”

More specifically, here are some of the things SHBE does for you:

  • First and foremost, SHBE is your voice to government. The Ministry of Education has agreed to hear the voice of SHBE as the voice of homeschoolers in this province. The SHBE president meets with the Director of Home-Based Education at the Department of Education on an infrequent but regular basis, and with the Minister of Education less frequently. These meetings are our opportunities to take the concerns we hear from you to the people who are responsible for writing and implementing homeschooling regulations in our province.
  • We are also often your voice to school division officials and staff. Every fall and every spring, and often times in between, board members receive phone calls asking questions and looking for guidance on dealing with school divisions who have misinterpreted the regulations or are overstepping their authority in some way. We are often able to help homeschooling parents navigate these challenges and every year we take issues to the Ministry of Education when they cannot be resolved locally.
  • The SHBE board is responsible for building a convention committee which runs the provincial convention every year. The convention volunteers work to give homeschooling parents interesting and informative speakers and workshops on a variety of homeschooling topics and issues. They also organize a vendor hall with curriculum providers and other vendors of interest to homeschooling families. Volunteers at the convention organize and staff a used book sale as an additional service to homeschooling families.
  • SHBE works to build homeschool leaders in our province by subsidizing board members and convention committee members who would like to attend the HSLDA National Leadership Conference every year. This conference allows us to meet homeschool leaders from across Canada and learn about homeschooling issues and organizations across the country and around the world.
  • Finally, SHBE board members work to support homeschooling families by being involved with local support groups, by holding homeschool information nights every now and then, and by being accessible to answer your questions and concerns. The SHBE help desk receives questions and inquiries from homeschoolers, potential homeschoolers, and those interested in communicating with homeschoolers in Saskatchewan. We communicate with you through our newsletter, the Journal, our website and our Facebook page.

Thank you again for joining us!

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues we should be aware of, please be in touch.

Website: https://shbe.ca
Email: help@shbe.info
Facebook: @shbesask

Rod Amberson
Saskatchewan Home Based Educators
rod@shbe.info | help@shbe.info

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