What [re-]started the homeschool movement – interview with Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Raymond Moore

Thanks to Fred and Gwen Funk, Long time Members, Supporters, and Advisors to SHBE, for contributing this article.

In addition to the brief reference below, Fred and Gwen shared their recollection of homeschooling in Saskatchewan in the very early years of the “new” homeschool movement. Fred and Gwen shared with SHBE at the convention in 2016: https://shbe.ca/recordings/2016/Fred-Gwen-Funk.Memories-of-1980-and-SHBE.mp3

Ever wonder what started (actually re-started, because homeschooling has been the norm for all but about the last hundred years of human history) the whole homeschool movement? The interview between Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Raymond Moore was the spark that ignited a movement that spread like a wild fire across the world in just a couple of years.

When we started homeschooling we knew no one else doing so. Within a very few years there were perhaps as many as 50 families homeschooling in the Saskatchewan South West.

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