Year-End Reporting

Y-y-y-year End Reporting Time?

Year end reporting doesn’t have to be stressful. Here is a quick reminder of what the policy manual says about year end reporting. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to!

As a reminder, note that a “portfolio of work” may or may not include any “samples of work” (“portfolio” does not mean “samples”).

Annual Progress Report

The Annual Progress Report must be filed toward the end of the educational program or by June 15. It will consist of either:

  • the portfolio of work; or
  • standardized achievement test interpreted results.

Although a portfolio of work must be compiled and maintained for two years, it does not need to be submitted if the selected means of assessment was standardized testing. File either the portfolio of work or the standardized test interpreted results, but not both.

Portfolio of Work

Regardless of the option chosen as the means of assessment, a portfolio of work must be compiled for each home-based learner. The portfolio of work must be maintained for two years following the completion of the educational program. The Portfolio of Work consists of:

The SHBE Template for the Annual Progress Report is designed to comply with the Saskatchewan Regulations and the Saskatchewan Home-based Education Policy Manual.

Note that a “portfolio of work” may or may not include any “samples of work” (“portfolio” does not mean “samples”). SHBE uses the terminology provided by the Ministry of Education. It is an unfortunate choice of wording that has led some school divisions to demand samples of work beyond what home based educators are required to provide. If this happens to you, please feel free to point school division administrators to this page, or directly to page 40 of the policy manual.